10 Spring Getaway Ideas For Your Family, Plus a Mom Making Waves!

March 5th 2019

10 Great Spots to Visit for a Spring Break Getaway With Your Family

Looking for some last minute ideas for getaways over a school break? We asked our Macaroni Kid publishers for last minute getaway ideas, and boy did they deliver! Here are 10 great ideas for family getaways around the United States, most at spots of…
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Moms Making Waves: She Teaches Kids How To Be Cyber Smart

Who she is: Liz Joyce is a mom of two, the vice president and chief information security officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and one of the most prominent voices in global cybersecurity, a field typically dominated by men.  How she’s making wav…
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Ask Maggie: My Kids Hate My Cooking and It’s Ruining Family Mealtimes

Dear Maggie: How do I get my elementary school-aged kids to eat dinner without it being a nightly battle? I’m really not a bad cook. It makes me irrationally angry when they gag over the food I make — which doesn’t make for pleasant family dinn…
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A Sneak Peek at the Hottest Toy Trends in 2019!

Each February the toy industry gathers in New York City for an annual trade show known as Toy Fair.  This year’s Toy Fair was one of the biggest in recent memory, as toy companies look to fill the gap left by the demise of Toys R Us.  We visited t…
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7 Highlights: What Else We’re Writing About This Month

The Macaroni Kid team has been tackling subjects ranging from mushroom foraging to why we should start embracing Mondays  – and everything in between! Check out these recent highlights from Macaroni Kid EATS!, Macaroni Kid Family Travel, and Macaro…
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