A Special Giveaway, plus Kegels, Joy in a Jar, and so much more!

April 5th 2019

9 Essentials for Spring Walking

What’s the key to a successful walk? Having the right gear! Our partners at 99 Walks have pulled together nine of their favorites for spring, valued at more than $500, and one lucky reader will win them ALL! Looking for someone to walk with? Join…
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Got Leakage? Kegels, Done the Right Way, Can Help

I know, who wants to talk about leakage, right? But, who can relate? How many of you have to assume “the position” in order to sneeze, cough, laugh, etc. without a little leakage? I’m a personal trainer in Erie, Pa., who works solely with women. I …
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Join the 99 Walks No Sugar Week Challenge

One of the best things you can do for your overall health is to move. You have already made that commitment with 99 Walks, and now it’s time to do one of the other best things: reduce your sugar consumption. Why: I am sure you have seen the imag…
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Joy in a Jar: Practicing Mindfulness with Your Family

The idea of Joy in a Jar is to celebrate the fun and happy memories within your family, connect with each other, and find a way to be in the now by writing down things that brought you joy during your day. Oftentimes we can get carried away with the…
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Real Life Fitness Stories: Meet Amanda

What is your name and what town are you from? Amanda Basek, from Lake Hopatcong, N.J. Who makes up your family? My husband, Eric, and 3-year-old son Logan. Tell us about your struggles: I did five rounds of fertility treatments and put o…
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Our Family Moves: Crunches

Macaroni Kid encourages quality family time and wellness in all that we do.  We know that families working towards a common goal can do anything with teamwork and each other’s support. We know that bettering your family is your goal and we aim to g…
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Macaroni Kid Family Wellness is Looking for Contributors!

Macaroni Kid Family Wellness is always looking for contributing writers. You don’t need to be an expert in anything health-related because we are all experts in family life. Do you… Have a recipe you want to share? Have tips for working out wit…
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