An Epic Road Trip Giveaway, 13 Amazing Playgrounds, and Gift Ideas for Dad!

June 4th 2019

Get Him Gear: We’ve Got 7 Great Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

When Father’s Day shopping this year, think “give gear, not stuff.” Ties, for instance, are stuff. Gear is what your guy will actually use. Here are seven ideas sure to please him this Father’s Day:  1. A super-light and comfy hoodie  You want the…
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13 Great Parks and Playgrounds Your Family Will Love!

There are so many great playgrounds and parks to explore in every city. We asked Macaroni Kid publishers all over the United States to tell us about special playgrounds in their towns. Here is a list of 13 great playgrounds they recommended. Time fo…
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Dads Making Waves: Creating a Community For Stay-at-Home Dads

Editor’s note: It’s a dad takeover! This month we’ve replaced our regular feature “Moms Making Waves” with a special dads edition — just in time for Father’s Day on June 16. Who he is: Jonathan Heisey-Grove is a husband and dad to two sons, age…
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Ask Maggie: Put the Fun Back in Summer by Simplifying Your Days

Dear Maggie, Help! Sometimes I HATE summer. Endless playdate requests, friends over every day, summer camps back-to-back, and the endless “What are we going to do NEXT?” I thought summer was for fun? Am I selfish?  Dear Selfish Soul Sister, …
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New 99 Walks App Tracks Miles, Offers Inspiration

Our new 99 Walks app is the simplest and most beautiful walk tracking app we could imagine. Have an iPhone? You can download it now, right HERE ! Why did we make a walking app? Because we know that walking is magic for moms. And we know that you l…
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Create your own Family Fun Night with A&W Root Beer

Close your eyes and picture the perfect summer. The cool rush of water from a sprinkler in the backyard, the bright sunshine casting down on the beach, or a perfect campfire with the ones you love, plus… the refreshing and crisp taste of an A&W R…
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