August Studio Digest

New Work + New Thoughts
Not having the usual structure that the school year allows has challenged my progress this summer. It is not the summer’s fault, nor my kids… It’s the mindset of not having enough time for art that has crept into my daily routine.
It’s kind of like when an artist says that they need inspiration, I needed time. Time, of which I realize now, I had all along. It was my essential laziness with a convenient excuse of the season to back me up.
It’s probably important to take a break, but the guilt brought on by maintaining a slower pace still irks me.
NEW WORK… It may be far from perfect but it can at least be clean. 42 x 72 inches Do not fade into the digital abyss. 24 x 32 inches. A study of Flaming June by Frederic Leighton. Visit the The Print Shop Here. ( 5 x 5-inch prints are still available as well. Click h ( ere ( to see the remaining inventory. Thanks for reading! All the best, Jessica
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