Cute Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids


Do you sometimes just like simple rather than complicated? I do most of the time.
When my kids were little I liked to give them simple shapes to color and then to cut out ever so carefully with safety scissors. It kept them entertained for a good hour or so and gave me a chance to cook, clean, or maybe even brush my teeth alone.
​ They’re not little anymore but I thought it might be fun to share some basic Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages ( ) for kids in case you have any little ones in your life. You can print out a bunch of copies and have them color or color and cut out and maybe even string together a bunch for a cute and colorful garland.
Coloring Pages for Kids ( ) ​
There are also some sweet cards that can be printed out, folded in half, signed and given and a super cute LOVE printable that can be framed.
They’re all ink conscious meaning you won’t use up a heck of a lot of ink to print them.
Happy Day!
xo Mary Beth
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