Enter to Win Spring Walking Essentials!Plus 7 Apps Our Kids Love

April 2nd 2019

9 Essentials for Spring Walking

April 3 is National Walking Day, the perfect excuse for you to gather up your girlfriends or your family and head out for a walk! So what’s the key to a successful walk? Having the right gear! Our partners at 99 Walks have pulled together nine of…
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7 Apps Our Kids Love, and We Do Too

There are about 2 million apps available for download on my iPhone. Despite that — or maybe because of it — it can be difficult for me to determine what apps are both entertaining and educational for my kids to use. So I asked Macaroni Kid moms and…
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Moms Making Waves: Math Game Inventor Balances Much More Than Numbers

Who she is: Vanessa Nobrega is a mom of two, a former professional basketball player, a licensed chiropractor, and the daughter of a teacher and an accountant. She is also an entrepreneur, the creator of the game Möbi and the founder and chief exec…
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Ask Maggie: Is It OK For Me to Post My Kids’ Pictures on Social Media?

Dear Maggie: When my son was a baby, I gleefully posted pics of him doing the most adorable things on all of my social media channels. But, well, he’s not a baby anymore and I’m thinking that maybe I should make sure it is okay with him for me to …
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I Found a Guilt-Free, High Protein Snack for Busy Moms Like Us!

Over the last year, I have tried to cut out sugar as much as possible. I’ve been losing weight but in the beginning, I found it really hard to not feel hungry all the time. Protein shakes for breakfast were doable, but not fun. I struggled with gett…
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Mom-Made. Convenient. Affordable. Natural. Oilogic Checks the Boxes.

Let’s talk about the list of body-related complaints that come out of the mouths of my family almost every day. Mom: ✓ My head is killing me. ✓ MORE sinus pressure. ✓ …and that’s it because moms don’t complain… Dad : ✓ “I can’t slee…
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Dip into New Snacking Fun From Stonyfield

Take creamy organic yogurt and pair it with crunchy graham crackers, organic cookies, or organic pretzels, and you have a nutritious snack win that will excite your Mini Macaronis. Stonyfield Organic’s Snack Packs are now available in these five …
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