Favorite Super Bowl Party Food Recipes 🏈

** The Super Bowl match up is set, and if you’re wondering what to serve on game day, look no further! Here are a few of our favorite recipes. We think you’ll love them too.
And, if you’re not a football fan, no problem! These recipes are super tasty. They’d be great for any kind of get-together or just sharing with the family. ———————————————————— momswhosave.com/2018/01/three-cheese-pimento-cheese-dip-recipe.html/ Three Cheese and Pimento Cheese Dip with Toasted Crostinis (momswhosave.com/2018/01/three-cheese-pimento-cheese-dip-recipe.html) momswhosave.com/2016/01/barbecue-sliders-with-memphis-slaw-recipe.html/ Barbecue Sliders with Memphis Cole Slaw (momswhosave.com/2016/01/barbecue-sliders-with-memphis-slaw-recipe.html/)
Sweet and Savory Hawaiian Ham Rolls (momswhosave.com/2016/03/sweet-savory-hawaiian-ham-rolls.html/)
Loaded Baked Potato Cups (momswhosave.com/2017/12/loaded-baked-potato-cups-2.html/)
momswhosave.com/2016/10/bacon-cheddar-stuffed-mushrooms.html/ Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms (vegetarian option) (momswhosave.com/2016/10/bacon-cheddar-stuffed-mushrooms.html/)
** More ideas — ————————————————————
Looking for even MORE recipes to serve on game day? Check out these posts:
** 15 Epic Game Day Snacks — Perfect for Any Party! (momswhosave.com/2015/01/15-epic-game-day-snacks-perfect-for-any-party.html/)
20 Delicious Cooking-for-a-Crowd Recipes (momswhosave.com/2015/01/20-delicious-cooking-for-a-crowd-recipes.html/)
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Happy game day! I hope your favorite team wins 😉
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