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December 18th 2018

A Note from your #FoodieMoms

For many of us, winter weather is here and the holidays are in full swing. Stores are playing jolly music, traditions are being celebrated, cookie swaps are happening and festive parties are attended.     We all know December is one of the busiest …
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5 Ingredient Dish: 5 Minute Candy Cane Fudge

Each month we share a meal made with 5 ingredients or less to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family!  This month, we created Candy Cane Fudge with just five ingredients! Easy to make and have on hand for unexpecte…
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3 Last Minute Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Ever get invited to a holiday party and have nothing to bring? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can put together some lovely gifts that will warm your heart and bring joy to your recipient simply by using ingredients you have in your pantry a…
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Craft a Snack: Donut Fun

Welcome to our monthly feature called Craft a Snack — the place where we get messy and play with our food in the kitchen!  Kids bored and hungry? No worries, let’s get craftin’ and snackin’!   Donut Fun! Having fun in the kitchen and letting t…
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12 Fun Christmas Traditions to Try

Every year, I include these 12 traditions during the holiday season. My kids really look forward to them and, to be honest, so do I! They are fun, easy, and will spark magic and create memories that you and your kids will remember for years to co…
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Weird Food of the Month: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pomegranates

Pomegranate may look a bit scary, but don’t be intimidated as they are among the healthiest fruits on the planet. The pomegranate was noted by the Egyptians thousands of years ago in mythology and art and was thought to be a royal fruit.  This roya…
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10 Lucky Foods to Eat on New Year’s Day

Why tempt fate? Here are 10 symbolically lucky foods to enjoy on New Year’s Day. 1. Black Eyed Peas.  Thought to bring prosperity for the New Year. 2. Greens. “Show me the money!” Greens for dollars. 3. Pomegranate.  The seeds are associated…
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