Macaroni Kid Local Business Tips – 25 Quick Marketing Ideas You Can Use Now

July 31st 2017

A Note from the Publisher – Farewell and New Welcome

What gives you butterflies? It’s a question I ask myself quite frequently in my personal and professional life. As we get older, it can be easy to avoid the question and just assume that butterflies don’t exist in the adult realm. The reality is th…
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Video Resource of the Month – Wave

Have you ever wanted to create a captivating video in 5 minutes? Wave is an online video maker that focuses on creating beautiful videos specifically for social media usage. Their resources help you create stunning, professional videos that are s…
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How to Deal with and Overcome Digital Stress

Before I left for vacation, I realized I was extremely stressed to the max. I was having trouble fully deciphering what my issue was, and then I googled it. Guess what? I was suffering from digital stress. My digital devices, social media, and emai…
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25 Quick Marketing Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Write a book (e-book) Speak at a conference or seminar Host a free event Set up a focus group Create a brochure or handout that shows off your business Create your own “best of” awards Get active on LinkedIn Set…
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9 Free or Low Cost Marketing Training and Certification Courses

In just a few weeks, many students will return to the classroom for a brand new school year.  Now is the time to take advantage of online resources that can help boost your marketing efforts with your business. Here are just a few of our favorit…
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Stop Wasting Time and Increase Your Productivity

At The Local, we always love introducing you to authors, publishers, and content creators who are making a splash on the Internet. We recently fell in love with Marie Forleo. Here is a video she published in June that we think will help if you a…
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8 Essential Instagram Apps For Your Business

One of the best parts of Instagram is discovering apps that can take your visual marketing to the next level. Go beyond basic video and photo with some of our most-used (and favorite) apps that integrate with your business Instagram experience. …
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