Macaroni Kid Macaroni Kid EATS! – Sep 10th 2018

September 18th 2018

Welcome Your New Publishers for Macaroni Kid EATS

Welcome to this month’s Macaroni Kid EATS! Back in July, 50 of our publishers had the opportunity to take an incredible trip of a lifetime to Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. They were immersed in the landscape, the people, the culture, and of course… th…
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Easy Guacamole and Pico de Gallo Recipes

It can’t be a “Mexican Takeover” without the “guac”! Serve these two sides with tortilla chips or use them to complement any of your favorite Mexican dishes.   Guacamole Simple, fresh, and delicious!  Guacamole Ingredients:…
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Fish Stick Tacos

Your family will love this Baja-inspired fish taco recipe. Fish sticks and tacos got married and made this delicious easy dish! Change it up using different flavors of slaws and sauces. We loved these with corn tortillas best, but flour tortillas or…
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Chef Spotlight – Meet Betty Vázquez

Master Chef Mexico Judge, Chef Betty Vázquez, describes her home, the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico as an ocean of cultures and challenges, an ocean of opportunities, and an ocean of discoveries and history.  Chef Betty Vázquez was raised, and now…
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Make it at Home: Fish Ceviche with Curry-Mint Mayonnaise

This is an easy, fun recipe for a quick meal — fast and healthy, and just 3 steps.   Betty Vázquez and her family own and operate a hotel and restaurant, Bar El Delfín located in San Blas, Riveria Nayarit, Mexico. Betty Vázquez is most recent…
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What to Make with Leftovers: Easy Mexican Cauli-Cakes

Mexican Cauli-Cakes is a vegetarian delight and a dish inspired by the flavors of Mexico. Think crab cakes, minus the crab, add a bunch of mouthwatering veggies and then lightly seasoned with a spicy mayo! Yum.   Leftovers for a family can be gold!…
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Easy 5 Ingredient Meals: Rotisserie Chicken Enchilada Casserole

You get home late, kids are starving, you are low on groceries, and you’re are exhausted. We feel you. Each month we will be sharing a meal that is made with 5 ingredients or less to help you spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your f…
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One Meat into 5 Meals. Let’s Cook Pulled Pork!

Save time and money by buying one type of protein, cooking it all at once, and then creating 5 quick and delicious meals for your family! This month we are featuring pulled pork! This is more of an idea starter to get you going. You can switch it…
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Weird Food of the Month: Jackfruit

Jackfruit is also referred to as Jacca (the J is silent, so it sounds like hhhhacka). It is the largest tree fruit in the world! You don’t want to sit under one of these beasts hanging in a tree, as they can reach up to 100 pounds!   Jackfruit is n…
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Craft into a Snack: Rice Cake Owls, Bears, and Fish…Oh My!

Welcome to our monthly feature called Craft into a Snack, the place where we get messy and play with our food in the kitchen!   Kids bored and hungry? No worries, let’s get craftin’ and snackin’! This month we had fun with rice…
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