The BEST Freezer Friendly Cheesecake Recipes!

You can freeze them all for up to two months. Cheesecake is such a popular dessert and for good reason: it’s DELICIOUS!!! Delicious… but time consuming. But fret not, because today I’m sharing the best FREEZER FRIENDLY cheesecake recipes with you! These baked cheesecakes will keep, properly stored in your freezer, for two months. So you can bake them well ahead of your celebration and serve as needed. Enjoy!!!
============================================================ * ** Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes ( : Baked in a muffin tin, these little cuties are always a crowd-pleaser! Top with fresh berries for an extra pretty presentation. * ** Extra Rich and Creamy Cheesecake ( : If you love cheesecake that’s suuuuuuper creamy, you’ll think this is THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER!
* ** Oreo Cheesecake ( : Dense yet creamy and LOADED with Oreos! My family goes nuts over this one. * ** Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes ( : So easy and perfect for serving a crowd of chocolate lovers!
* ** New York Style Cheesecake ( : This is a classic recipe that NEVER goes out of style! Topped with fresh strawberry sauce, it’s simply divine. * ** Kahlua Chocolate Cheesecake ( : Love Kahlua? Then you’ll love this decadent and slightly boozey cheesecake recipe.
* ** Death by Chocolate Cheesecake ( : Hands down the most DECADENT and delicious chocolate cheesecake you’ll ever eat!!! Complete with a chocolate cookie crust, creamy chocolate filling, chocolate ganache topping, and shaved chocolate! * ** No-Bake Espresso Cheesecake ( : No oven required for this impressive espresso spiked cheesecake!!! A must try for anyone who loves the flavor combo of coffee and chocolate.
* ** Oreo Cheesecake Bars ( : Everything you love about Oreo Cheesecake, but in bar form! This recipe is super easy and always receives rave reviews. * ** Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake ( : Featuring a chocolate cookie crust, creamy Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake filling, and a thick layer of chocolate ganache. It’s out of this world flavorful!
* ** Creamy Greek Yogurt Key Lime Cheesecake ( : Loaded with real key lime flavor, this cheesecake deserves a top spot on your “to-make” list. * ** White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake ( : Flavored with rich white chocolate and swirled with fresh blueberry puree, this is one special cheesecake!!!!
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