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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the TIME we get with our KIDS as moms.
These last few years I’ve found myself with a lot MORE TIME with my kids, since we started HOMESCHOOLING and welcomed our 3RD BABY.
I homeschool and work from home, so sometimes our days get HECTIC AND BUSY. 😟
It’s easy to just tell the kids to watch a movie or play VIDEO GAMES while I get some WORK DONE in the background.
But, I realize that TIME SPENT with our KIDS is so IMPORTANT. 😍
Not just time sitting in the same room together, but QUALITY TIME interacting, playing, and talking face to face.
In fact STUDIES have shown that the time we spend with our kids and the relationships we develop with them can DIRECTLY effect how they GROW UP and the types of RELATIONSHIPS 👫 they create with others in the future.
So, we are REARRANGING some things.💁‍♀️ Creating more time to have quality, relationship building, family time.
…and I’ve been SACRIFICING a little more SLEEP 😅 to get some WORK done while the babies are sleeping.
If you’re STUCK in the business of life like me, ▶️ here are some really helpful tips to STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP [] with your kids. It doesn’t take much time and some SIMPLE CHANGES can go a long way!
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